Meet AGILIS – the Mobile Batch Plant,

brought to you in partnership by PowerTraxx, RufDiamond, and Bay-Lynx Manufacturing!

A first of its kind, and the beginning of a new era in off-road construction!

Too often, remote construction sites are being neglected quality and fresh concrete. The AGILIS Mobile Batch Plant is the solution.

The PowerTraxx PT15 tracked carrier and Bay-Lynx AGILIS Pre-Blend Mixer are the perfect combination of strength, functionality, and beauty all wrapped up in one.

The watertight hopper holds up to twelve 1000kg totes of pre-blend mix , for a total of six cubic metres of dry material.

Each tote contains a highly accurate mix of dehydrated coarse and fine aggregate, Portland cement, and admixes (based on the design).

Totes are emptied into the dry hopper, and the material does not mix with water until it meets the mix auger once you arrive on site and are ready to pour. One hour or one month, no difference; you are not rushed. This is but one of the logistical freedoms you will appreciate with the AGILIS.

No time constraints. No emergency off-loads. Environment friendly.

The AGILIS is the SOLUTION to your remote concrete needs.

For more information, please click videos below, and be sure to visit each of our partners websites.



One of many offerings from Custom Truck One Source is their National Crane NB40-142 Boom Truck mounted on a PowerTraxx PT15 tracked carrier. The NB40-142 features a 142’ 5-section full power boom with a 190’ max tip height (with jib), and a 40 US ton rating. The PowerTraxx PT15 tracked carrier has a 40,000 lbs. payload capacity, 40” D-dent tracks to get you through your rough terrain jobsite conditions, and is powered by a 280hp Stage V Cummins turbo diesel engine. 

Also from Custom Truck is the Elliot E160 E-Line, mounted on a PowerTraxx PT18, which is currently one of the tallest track-mounted  aerial devices in North America. The E160 features a 215′ working height and a 36″ x 72″ two-man work platform with a 1,200 lb capacity. All E-Line products are designed to comply with the ANSI A92.2 standard. The PowerTraxx PT18 chassis offers an astounding 50,000 lbs. payload capacity, a 310hp Cummins turbo diesel engine, and a 100,000 ROPS certified operator cabin.

Brought to you by Scott Powerline, Elliott’s L140 HiReach, mounted on a PowerTraxx RT15 rubber tracked carrier, features a 140′ working height and a 30″ x 54″ two-man work platform with a 600 lb capacity. The RT15 features an incredible 40,000 lbs. payload capacity and is powered by a 280hp Cummins Stage V turbo diesel engine.