About Us

PowerTraxx The Power To Go Anywhere

PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc. – Manufacturers of off-road tracked vehicles with carrying capacities that range from 8,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. suitable for transporting personnel or being mounted with material handling aerial devices, construction cranes, digger-derricks, and a vast array of other devices. At PowerTraxx, we pride ourselves on the Quality, Reliability, and Value of not only the tracked vehicles we produce, but also our people and the work they perform. Our goal is to provide our users with a vehicle that best suits their requirements, which is why we continuously improve working methods as well work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the right components for the application. Our facility is equipped with a functional testing area that incorporates much of the terrain and working conditions that our equipment is subject to by our users. Each and every new PowerTraxx vehicle that is ready to leave our doors undergoes a rigorous test to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality and performance. Quality components, proven design and a dedication to producing a vehicle that exceeds your expectations are part of every PowerTraxx vehicle.

Company History

In July 2004, Hydraulic Industries Corporation (HICO) was purchased by Power North Holdings Company. HICO had a history of manufacturing off-road tracked vehicles that began back in 1970 and was involved with brands such as Go-Tract, LMC and Thiokol. In May 2005, the HICO machines were rebranded as PowerTraxx. This was done to reflect a new dedication to quality, reliability, and value. As of July 1, 2005, the company name changed to PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc. October 1, 2005 saw the opening of a new assembly facility in Northern Ontario. In January of 2013, after eight very successful years of continuous growth and profitability, PowerTraxx was acquired by a group of private investors dedicated to making PowerTraxx successful not only in the domestic market, but on an international scale as well. The employees of PowerTraxx┬áhave more than a centuries’ worth of experience in the custom engineering, sales, and manufacture of off highway vehicles to meet specific requirements of each customer. Some of these employees also have many years of field experience as operators and with maintenance of tracked vehicles. With these recent changes and the strength of our people, PowerTraxx will be the leading supplier of tracked vehicles by providing value added products that meet customer specific requirements and support that exceeds their expectations.

Mission Statement to our employees, suppliers and customers


We are committed to being ethical, fair, honest, moral, open, respectful, trusting and trustworthy.


We are committed to providing high quality, reliable, off road vehicles that customer’s want, that employees are proud of, that are innovative, that are environmentally sound, that we would want to own, that are “Best in Show” and “Best in Class”.


We are committed to produce an enjoyable healthy workplace through our interaction with our co-workers, suppliers and customers.


We are committed to an ever better world and a positive social responsibility through charitable work, minimizing or eliminating the PowerTraxx environmental and ecological footprint, and maximizing our contribution to social improvement.


We are committed to continuous product and process improvement, growth of our business and financial well being so that we can serve our customers, continue business with our suppliers, and improve the financial health of PowerTraxx and PowerTraxx Employees.